The Mystery of Multiple Mothers

By Regina Kupecky and James Breig

About the Book:

“The Mystery of the Multiple Mothers” is cozy mystery that combines quirky Midwestern characters – including a harried social worker, troubled waitress, retired teacher, computer geek, elderly citizens, adoption support group members and an ambitious politician – in a county where everyone (well, almost everyone) wants to help solve a murder. Cub County, Ohio, holds secrets that help unlock the puzzle of “Who killed the lady in the cave?” Adoption is an underlying theme as an adult adoptee struggles to find the birth mother who placed her many years ago. The search uncovers a scandalous affair that could impact a major election. Could her search have led to death instead of discovery? Did the questions she asked result in a murder rather than reunion? Margaret Mae McGallegher, Miss Smark and a private eye with an unusual name and a taste for butterscotch lead readers on a breathless adventure as they follow clues to find the truth amidst a murky world of closed adoptions, sealed records and whirling emotions. The adoption triad of adoptive parents, adoptee and birth parents entangles people who would otherwise never have come in contact with one another. When death is added to the mix, the lesson might be that some stones should be left unturned.

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