A Year of Wit, Wisdom, and Warmth

by Father Joseph Breighner

About the Book:

Father Joe, priest, columnist, and author, is a masterful storyteller who finds humor in the simple things of life. "The old saying that misery loves company is only partially true, what misery really loves is someone else more miserable."..."faith in God does not protect a believer from tragedy, faith in God only protects a believer from despair."..."we keep getting the wrong answers because we keep asking the wrong questions."

About the Author:

Father Joseph Breighner was ordained a priest in 1971 and served in a parish setting for six years and then as Coordinator of Evangelization for the Archdiocese of Baltimore. He is currently working as a pastoral counselor and spiritual director. He writes a weekly column on religion and life for The Catholic Review newspaper and hosts a half hour syndicated radio show on WPOC, a country music radio station in Baltimore. Other books that Father Joe has written, include: Stops Along the Country Road and When Life Doesn't Make Sense.

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